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The best thing about The Lost Ways? It builds a stronger sense of connection with those who have come before you.

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The Lost Ways Review

The Lost Ways guide is that teaches people how to survive any possible future attack from the United States and other nations which use Mother Nature as a weapon to strike against America. This eBook discusses how to survive any attack as well as how to prevent an attack from hitting America. The eBook discusses the four steps outlined in the title of the book. These steps are; first, step ahead of the global enemy, second, to learn how to survive from a major attack, third, and fourth learn how to recover from a major attack.In The Lost Ways, Patrick Henry discusses how to survive from a major attack or as some call it an “Imminent War” in which we as Americans would be caught off-guard.

The author also discusses how we can go after the leadership of the global threat such as; Abu Laden, Kim Jong Il, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Chinese Leader Hu Jintao, and Iranian Leader Ahmadinejad. The author claims that we as Americans are being left behind by our leadership, and says that; “This time is different.” This is quite a bold claim considering that in recent history the world has always been caught off-guard from time to time by some form of national or international terrorism or crisis. This is why the author offers some solutions to the current problems and he does believe we can defeat any potential future aggressor.

What Is The Lost Ways?

The Lost Ways is a new eBook by Patrick Henry entitled “How to Survive a EMP/H EMP Attack.” The author starts out his guide by offering a look at what would be required to implement the strategies he describes in his book. According to the author, the United States of America is on its way to being “ripped apart limb from limb.” We are also on the brink of a major dimensional civil war, which will only be the prelude to a more massive conflict. However, if you doubt the author’s words then read on; “If we fail to act now, I can assure you we will.” As with anything that the author talks about there is always a possible spin to everything he writes.

For anyone who has studied world history will understand what he is talking about in this book, but I for one was not fully comprehended until I read the author’s footnotes. That is when it hit me; “Yes, it is time to ditch the politically correct language and think in terms of survival and that means stick and take it!” Yes, this is indeed very wise advice indeed. Of course, it also makes one wonder if there ever was a time for such thing, because the United States of America has been so politically correct all these years.

How Does The Lost Ways Work?

In The Lost Ways, Patrick Henry gives us a “road map” to survival after an economic collapse, nuclear war, and major natural disaster. The author gives us some very good advice concerning the health of the mind; and this comes from his own life experience. He talks about having anxiety attacks that were so strong they would paralyze him. He discusses the ability to see the big picture, the ability to make better choices, and to be inspired. There is a lot of wisdom in this book for those who need it.

This book is not really a work of fiction, as it claims to be. It is based on actual life accounts. However, if you are not familiar with the author, and if you have not read many books on the subject, then you may not want to consider this one. Otherwise, it will be very interesting reading. For those who know much about the subject, and who want to get right to the bottom of how it really works, this is the book for them.

What You Will Find Inside The Lost Ways System?

Food Recipes: This book contains a wide range of healthy, but simple-to-make recipes. They were originally used by Native American Scouts, who didn’t have the luxury of modern equipment. These recipes will help you avoid the hassle of buying expensive cooking materials.

How To Make Traps: You will learn how to set traps to ensure food is always available in times of crisis or drought. You will also learn how to set up traps to capture animals so you can eat while camping in the wild.

Housing Tips: This is another concern the author addresses in his book. He provides a comprehensive guide to building underground weatherproof houses. These houses are large enough to house around four families. This idea is very similar to that of our forefathers.

Water Storage Tips: This guide provides valuable insight into how ancient people stored and collected water. Water is an essential commodity and can be a threat to your health. This information will show you how to store water at home and save money.

Poultices Recipes: This guide provides effective tips for making poultices with ancient ingredients that were readily available and used by our ancestors to achieve the same goal.

The author also talks about how to save yourself even if you run out on bullets. This is especially important if you’re venturing alone on unpredictable terrains.


  • What Every Survivalist Should Grow in His Backyard.
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Own Can Rotation System.


  • This eBook provides a useful survival guide with real-time, vital tips to help you prepare for any unforeseen disasters. The strategies are very useful and can be used in everyday life.
  • The book also contains valuable information about how to use basic materials, ingredients, and tools that are both affordable and easily available. Some of these materials may even be in your own storeroom!
  • This book will help you save money over the long-term. The book outlines clever strategies that can help you save money on food, water, and medication. You can also prepare yourself and your family for any future disasters by using the tips.
  • There are many survival guides available on the internet, but none is as comprehensive as The Lost Ways. This guide contains enough information to help you avoid natural and man-made disasters such as drought, recession, or EMO attacks.
  • The book’s information is based upon logical, tested and proven ideas. It does not make empty claims or false promises. Nor does it discuss myths and abstract theories. Instead, it focuses on practical facts that can be implemented and aimed at helping modern man become more self-sufficient and more in tune with Mother Nature.
  • The book is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee. You can return it for a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with its results. The author’s confidence in offering a full money-back guarantee is a sign that his product is solid and reliable.
  • It is also available in digital and physical formats.


  • The Lost Ways of Claude Davis has its flaws, just like every other man-made thing in the world. There are some downsides to the Lost Ways by Claude Davis
  • The product doesn’t promise immediate results. You can’t expect to buy it immediately and be able to use it to prevent disasters. It will take time to read the instructions and embed them in your brain. You’ll also need to have all the necessary tools and materials to prepare yourself for any unknown dangers.


As an “expert” in the field of personal development, this man has shed some very light on the matter. He uses a step by step format to guide his readers through his ideas. Also, he provides illustrations that are very vivid to help you grasp his ideas. The reader will learn many new things, and he will be motivated to put those new ideas into practice.Although the author talks about the need to make some changes in your thinking and in your habits.

The Lost Ways program would probably be of interest to anyone who wants to think better, be happier and have more success in their personal and business lives. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who needs to read up on this fascinating subject. It is not just a “workbook.” It can help you learn a whole new way of looking at life. You could even apply some of these techniques as you go about your day-to-day life, thus making your experience much more enriched.

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