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Metabolic Flora

Metabolic Flora Review

Amidst growing supplements, the industry exists one category that many consumers retort to at some point in their life: weight loss. With time, one is sure to have realized that there are different approaches to losing weight and burning fat. Unfortunately, not all of them have been extensively studied to bring positive results, at least not until Simple Promise Metabolic Flora hit the spotlight.

Rather than triggering fat cells or detoxifying one’s system,  Simple Promise(TM) Metabolic Flora allegedly works by taking control of the metabolism through another critical function. The interesting takeaway here isn’t that the ingredient was studied by researchers, but the fact that it was initially discovered in babies and breastmilk! How does this supplement work? Does it burn fat? Here’s what we’ve gathered on its practicality and purpose thus far:

What is Simple Promise(TM) Metabolic Flora?

Metabolic Flora is a dietary supplement created by Simple Promise(TM). It was formulated with the intention of helping individuals free themselves of stubborn fat. Moreover, it aims to promote a lean and slim figure and is said to offer metabolic function and overall digestion supports. Based on existing claims, this supplement was founded on the notion of “ Metabolic Rebirth,” where researchers found a specific strain of bacteria in babies’ digestive systems that leads to significant fat reduction.

How does Simple Promise(TM) Metabolic Flora work?

Simple Promise(TM) Metabolic Flora works in an attempt to fine-tuning women’s metabolism, especially for those after their 30s who been struggling with weight loss. With the fact that metabolism is what controls the rate at which women burn calories, Simple Promise (TM)’s lead researcher, Alex Del Pizzo, studied what is necessary to control the metabolism. In doing so, he realized that gut health was the determining factor and that a specific type of bacteria can strengthen it.


  • Beneficial for women to lose weight after 30.
  • Fine-tune metabolism of women.
  • Fat-fighting bacteria (Bifidobacterium Breve B-3).
  • Improve HDL cholesterol.
  • Decrease the level of triglyceride.
  • Suitable for people with poor gut health and
  • metabolism.


  • You can’t buy Metabolic Flora in a local store, it’s available online only.
  • Consult Your doctor before taking this product.

Final Verdict:

As per the Metabolic Flora Review, this supplement is suitable to improve your gut health. It has the best ingredients to enhance voila and metabolism. You will get desirable fat burning and weight loss results. This product has several natural ingredients.

You can achieve the desired weight loss results with the help of metabolic flora. It includes caffeine and green tea extracts. Fortunately, this product is available at an affordable price. Feel free to use this product without fearing unwanted side effects.

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